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Tea Party Backed Conservative Ted Cruz Wins Texas Run- Off!

Ted Cruz clinched the Republican nomination in the Texas Senate runoff race Tuesday night, handing the tea party a major victory and instantly becoming the odds-on favorite to win the open seat this fall.

Cruz, a Cuban-American lawyer who formerly served as state solicitor general, received 54 percent to 46 percent for Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst with 20 percent of precincts reporting. here

Despite the million$ of dollars spent on negative ads, despite the endorsement of Texas Gov. Perry (who’s still rather popular), despite insider- Texas Republicans and inside- the- beltway type, establishment D.C. Republicans, Ted Cruz won by what can only be called a landslide.

He was quite far behind in the primary, but close enough that a Run Off was required.  Texas polling showed him with a 10% lead just yesterday.  His philosophy of ‘no personal attack ads’ on your opponent (in spite of that courtesy not being returned), his traveling high and low across Texas (no small feat), the Tea Party and Gov. Sarah Palin backed Conservative won.

So, to all your blinded- by- your- own-ideology, biased and uninformed reporters/ journalist, the Tea Party isn’t “all washed up”.  It’s not “insignificant now”.  They just haven’t been protesting in the streets, camping outside on private property and urinating in the public by-ways and highways (although, The Tea Party was never the group doing any of those things).  The Tea Party has been working quietly behind the scenes to get the most conservative candidates into office.

They succeeded!  Yea!

And after the November election, I expect Sen. Ted Cruz to take the Senate seat of Texas Sen. Kay B Hutchinson.


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