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Secret Source Reveals Pertinent Information On Sen. Harry Reid!

Senator Harry Reid, Democrat Senate Majority Leader (temporarily), said he was informed by “someone who invested in Bain Capital”, that Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential nominee, “didn’t pay any taxes for 10 years”.

Shockley, our squirrely, aging Reid hasn’t named names and even had to (begrudgingly) admit upon questioning, that thus far he, umm, didn’t even know how “accurate” the gossip (my choice of terms) was.  But in the usual Democratic/ Reid fashion, he didn’t let a good tall tale get in his way of smearing the name and reputation of a fellow human being. . . . an evil Republican. (sourced:  here)

Which made me reconsider my previously considered, and dismissed, information about our very own Democrat Harry Reid.

You see, I was sent photos, marked ‘Top Secret’, ‘Reveal under Penalty of Law’ from a close, clooose “associate” of Harry’s.  My ‘informate’ said these accurate photos were taken “by the FBI” in an “investigation involving Democrat Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada and unsavory, seedy suspicious characters” from ‘foreign countries’, up to even more “suspicious activities”.  The word “blackmail” was mentioned repeatedly attached with Reid’s name.

But I will make no assertions!  I cannot verify or reveal any specific names or sources! (as is the Reid way).  But in the spirit of Democrat comradery, I feel I must reveal those photos and take my chances with the law.  I feel this is what Harry would want. . . . in the spirit of ‘working togetherness’ and his mindset of ‘lets disclose all that undisclosed, unverified information’ from our “secret sources”.  I hope you agree, this is the Democratic thing to do.


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