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Malicious Tweeter Could Be Sent To The Hoosegow

There are a lot of ugly comments sent on Twitter making fun of someone’s looks or talents, but this one was just plain cruel. Monday a 17-year-old boy was arrested in Dorset, England “on suspicion of malicious communications” for sending a particularly personal and cutting tweet to British Olympic diver Tom Daley.
“You let your dad down I hope you know that.”

Daley’s father died from brain cancer last year. As if the pressure of the Games wasn’t enough to make an athlete crack…”    here

And welcome to the “open-minded”, non-judgmental world of Liberal Fascist Great Britain!?  Where any ‘freedom of speech’ (which is not guaranteed by any silly Constitution or, evidently Parliament) has take a nasty turn to the Left.

The teen was rude, but is that now a crime to Liberals?  Do we really need ask?

Liberals are the people who called Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughters, “whores”, “bitches” and the worse (yes, worse!), while demanding apologies from Rush Limbaugh for a joke referring to a whinny liberal indulging in “slutty” behavior.  Hypocrisy resonates loudly and proudly with Leftist.

I doubt it’ll be long before some jackass Democrat Congressman or Senator runs to the podium and demands an  ‘Anti- Hate-Speech Tweeting’ bill to impede someone’s freedom of speech, which Obama will quickly just ‘deem’ into law.  They’ll think they’ve saved the world . . . until hoisted upon their own petard.


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