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‘Chick- fil- A Day’ Is A Glowing Testament To American Values . . . And Americans!

The Chick-fil-A “appreciation day” inspired by Mike Huckabee in protest of the company’s stand on gay marriage is underway, and business at restaurant locations is brisk.

At one location in the Jackson area, a drive-thru worker said it is busy like a “first day” of business, while at locations from Atlanta to South Carolina customers bustled into stores.   “We just love Chick-fil-A and the workers,” said a group of women waiting to get into a Chick-fil-A location in Lithonia, Georgia, near Atlanta” full ‘read it and weep’ story:  here

The word is starting to move quickly across the county – on this first Chick- fil- A Appreciation Day, stores are extremely busy, streets are said to be jammed in many locations, and hungry patrons are waiting in long lines to get a parking slot.

Let the Democrats whine, protest and throw out their “hate speech” for ‘traditional marriage’, the Bible, Christians and Chick- fil- A.  They lose.  American’s won’t be force fed the Liberal agenda.

Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Obama close alley and confidant), was correct when he said, “Chick- fil- A doesn’t represent Chicago values”,  it doesn’t .  But AMERICA SURE DOES.



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