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Saudi Pushes “Cultural Sensitivity” To Change Olympic Rules

Judo officials had previously said they would not let Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani (pictured above) compete in a headscarf because it was against the principles of the sport and raised safety concerns.   But an agreement was reached after several days of IOC-brokered talks between the International Judo Federation and the Saudi Olympic Committee that clears the way for her to compete Friday in the heavyweight division.   here

Let’s review.  “Against the principles of the sport and raised safety concerns”. . . . and yet?  I suppose it’s not longer ‘unprincipled’ or a safety concern?

Secondly, the Olympic committee, or International Judo Federation, was forced to consider “cultural sensitivity” of the Muslim kingdom”.  Which translates, ‘do we want jihad against ourselves or not?’  Obviously, the answer turned out to be, “no”.

And thus, the lightened and frighted Committee relented from their stubborn and obviously bigoted rules and regulations, to allow the Muslims to do whatever the heck they pleased.

I think it’s time to turn this silly, politically correctly Olympic crapola off and turn on . . . . . . Gilligan’s Island.  Anything with a few reliable standards.


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