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Napolitano Admits: Terrorists Entering US Thru Mexico

DHS Director Janet Napolitano essentially conceded that terrorists are entering our borders through Mexico.

Her colloquy with a Democrat congressman from Arizona went as follows:

Q. [I[s there any credible evidence that . . . terrorists are, in fact, crossing our southern border with the intent to do harm to the American people?”

A. “With respect, there have been–and the Ababziar matter would be one I would refer to that’s currently being adjudicated in the criminal courts–from time to time ” full incompetent story:   here

Well, ain’t that a fine border howdy-do!  Especially if you’re a loyal Jihadist looking to come to America and do a little jihad’in to impress all those babe’s back home.  There’s nothing that says, “macho man” like blowing up something in the USA!

Fortunately for all those wandering Future Terrorist Of America, Barack Obama’s newest dictates, are all a potential terrorist needs.  All he has to tell an American Border Agent is that he’s a “dreamer”, was “brung to Amar’ika h’as a chil”, and Agents must send him along his merry, “Death to the infidel!!” way.

Clearly, Obama’s ‘border policy’ is NO enforcement at all.

Under Obama’s heavy hand, America has a ‘come as you will’ ideology, which was dreamt up in a “Dreams From My Father” philosophy . . .  which consisted of getting back at America – those evil white ‘colonist’.   Obama’s regime is literally asking for another 9/11 – which could immediately be ‘blamed’ on the previous Bush administration . . . .  or a Pres. Romney.

But in his desperation to accumulate votes, Obama is throwing American security by the wayside.  Homeland Security Secretary, Janet ‘incompetent’ Napolitano is his backup, enforcement dog, who has insisted that our borders “have never been more secure”.  This in-turn, gives the loyal Democrat drones, White House talking points. . .  and more lies to feed to Americans.

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