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And How Do You Define The “Village Idiot”?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has successfully founded a private equity company, rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics, and governed the state of Massachusetts.  Despite such accomplishments, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen on Monday called Romney “the village idiot”:

The refusal of the contemporary Republican Party to acknowledge a role for government is linked to an illogical determination never to raise taxes. Obama may be too liberal for some, but the alternative that Romney offers by parroting the conservative GOP line is simply not credible. Prosperity may not always take a village, but it sure doesn’t take the village idiot.”      Gain more insight:  here

The “Village Idiot”?  There must be more than 1 because I know for a fact that Joe Biden has claim to that Title.  Of course, according to Hillary Clinton, it Takes A Village –  so we could rightfully presume that there could be, or would be, more than 1 village.  This leaves the village theory wide open for more idiots!

Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi  . . . and who could leave out Ed Schultz . . . . but maybe we should hold this Idiot search to the lowly politician.

Hillary herself must surely be added to the Village Idiot list,  as well as Obama, who has no idea that “corpsman” is not pronounced as “corpse man”.  After all, they aren’t dead, Mr. O.

But are the aforementioned folks not “idiots” simply because they hold an abiding, religious faith in ‘raising taxes’?  That seems to be the sole qualification of liberal Richard Cohen  for becoming a ‘village idiot’.  A very odd stanch and one that has been rejected for over 100 years by most Americans.

I guess most Americans are just behind the times. . . . or aren’t obediently listening to the correct Marxist.


One comment on “And How Do You Define The “Village Idiot”?

  1. myfoxmystere
    August 1, 2012

    You forgot a political village idiot: Phony Tony the Tallywhacker Villaraigosa. He happens to look like 0bozo’s twin.


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