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At Home With The Obama’s In 2013 Chicago

It’s June of 2013 and to the grandiose relief of an Obama- weary- nation, the Obama’s are back home (not yet in Kenya) in Chicago, the “thug-  gangsta- murder- dictatorial capital of the country”.  So honored, now that Barack was (forcibly) removed from the White House.

They spend the evening counting their money and stock investment, as is usual for the uber wealthy.  “Count those pennies and the billions just add up!”, to quote Nancy Pelosi.  The Obama’s stocks have done very well:  McDonald’s and Chick- fil- la have paid off exceptionally well . . . and “unexpectedly”, mumbles Michelle.

Poor MO.  She’s been a bit despondent over her husband “Be’n thrown out of office like a Muslim terrorist, by racist, white America!!”, she was overheard saying, as her clinched fingers were prided off the Oval Office sofa.

To comfort herself, the previous “I’m Never Been Proud Of My Country Before” First Lady, Michelle has tuned to enjoying the previously banned comfort foods from her White House menu.  She now has, at her beck’n call,  McDonald’s, fries, (unnamed) chicken sandwiches, BBQ, chocolate pies . . . yes, our Michelle has hired a personal chef for her personal entree choices! (something she seemed hell bent on denying fellow Americans countrymen)

I’m not one to begrudge someones personal enjoyment and I’m happy to see Michelle is lov’n her food pantry. . . and chef.  You go, MO!  And btw,  a new Krispy Kreme has opened just around the corner.

P.S.  Don’t be concerned, America –  our little Barack has been able to enjoy his early retirement, munching down plenty’a fried chicken,  hot dogs and Big Mac’s. . . . but still out of MO’s sight.



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