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Mayor Michael Boob’berg Gives Nannies A Bad Name

 “A new program being pushed by Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Department of Health will try to convince city moms that breastfeeding is the, ahem, breast way to feed New York’s newborns.

The “Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative” will help hospitals educate mothers on the benefits of breastfeeding over baby formula, CBS reports.

 “We do not give out gift bags of formula, we do not encourage its use,” said Karen Goodman, nurse manager at NYU Langone Medical Center, one of the first hospitals to take part in the initiative, which Bloomberg and the DOH hopes will spread to at least 24 other hospitals.”       here

Mayor Michael Bloomberg must be running for the Fascist of the Year Award, which will definitely give Pres. Barack “Gotti'” Obama a run for his beets.

This man knows no end to shoving his busybody nose into our business . . . quite literally.  Our ‘business’ in no longer a ‘private business’.

Not satisfied with dictating the size drinking cups we’re ‘allowed’ to use.  Not content with the amount of salt and fat we want to consume, Mayor Boob’berg is not clutched to a woman’s boob like a fascist, out of control leach.

New Yorkers, known for many years to be Left of Liberty, hit a new low by keeping this butinsky fool in office.  We can only hope that he never decides to run for higher office.  One dictator at a time, please!

One comment on “Mayor Michael Boob’berg Gives Nannies A Bad Name

  1. myfoxmystere
    August 1, 2012

    Boobberg and Tony Tallywhacker Villaraigooseegg are the 2 currently serving dumbest mayors in the nation.


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