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Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate Loses In Colorado Court

Judge  Kane,  granted a “preliminary injunction” barring enforcement of the law against the family-owned company, pending a full trial.

“This is the very first ruling on whether Obamacare can violate religious freedom and the judge said no,” said Matt Bowman, a lawyer for legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom, formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund.

The Obamcare regulation was announced by President Barack Obama in February, and it established a process to review churches’ religious practices.   Churches that meet federal tests would be exempt from the Obamacare-related mandate to provide insurance that offered free contraception and abortion-related drugs to their employees, according to Obama’s regulation.
Obama’s controversial regulation prompted immediate protest from many churches and denominations, including the Catholic Church.”  read more liberal lunacy:  here

Who the hell does this man think he is.  This Barack “Gotti” Obama, pronouncing  reviews on churches “religious practices”.  I hardly think he’d impose his views on any Muslims, in this country or abroad, but given the opportunity to impose his personal will on American churches, don’t get in his way.

Obama has been completely and utterly out of control the last 3 years.  Implementing his personal mandates & ideology, one after another, in spite of (or because of) existing Laws and our Constitution.  This is the way Dictators behave, not Presidents of a free nation.


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