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Misogynist Muslim Porter ‘Demands’ Respect . . . And Gets It

Named one of the top 500 hotels on the planet, the 5-Star Hotel Danieli of Venice, Italy has played host to the likes of Johann von Goethe, Richard Wagner, Honoré de Balzac, Charles Dickens and Emile Zola.

As reported by the Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino, an unnamed Muslim porter of Egyptian origin at the hotel was quoted as stating:   “I do not take orders from a woman.”

So to ensure the centuries old hotel properly adhered to the young immigrant’s “rigid religious vision,” the Danieli hired a male as a full time employee whose sole responsibility is to relay orders from the female supervisor to the sharia-compliant employee.  The hotel said:   “We therefore decided to guarantee that during his work hours, his boss would have a male colleague at her side who would act as a liaison with the Egyptian to communicate the tasks to be performed.”read the full religious hypocrisy:  here

Peaceful tolerant Muslims protest freedom of religion

We sure don’t want to offend a Mulsim.  We understand their ‘peace loving’ , sharia attitude – something like “comply or die” I believe the saying goes.

Where the hotel owned by a sensible, common sense, thinking individual, his or HER, civil response would have been, “You’re fired”.  End of story until the Enquirer or the local Democrat showed up to whine, protest and demand laws to protect the poor, immigrant trying to make a living.  sob, sob

I only hope this jerkass Muslim shows up one day, carrying his paper bag lunch from Chick- fil- A.  Then we’d see him thrown to the curb, as he should be.


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