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Obama Doesn’t Like For Republicans To Be Quoting His Words

Our extremely thin-skinned and narcissistic “Food Stamp” President has his bloomer in an uproar over all those evil Republicans quote his actually words:

 President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he’s losing his patience over the Republican attacks aimed at his “you didn’t build that” comment.

“I have to tell you, I generally have patience with what the other side says about me, that’s a requirement of this job,” Obama said during a $5,000-per-plate fundraiser here, according to the pool report.   “And if you don’t like folks talking about you, you probably shouldn’t run for president. The one thing I do have no patience for is this argument that somehow what I’m criticizing is success… I want to promote success,” Obama said.   here

Yes, and ducks like water, but not when they’re boiling in it.

I must admit, the press has a rough time of it.  Waking up every morning and trying to find new and inventive ways to defend this fraud and Marxist, must be tiring.  But fortunately for them, and dear leader, they’re good little Obama soldiers, who get paid very well.

But the Princess didn’t like the pea under her mattress. Mr Obama,  and where is she now?  Anyone know?  Does anyone even care?

The American public has proved throughout the decades to be more than patience, and forgiving, of the worst politicians outside of Iraq.  But they also have’ a limit. I think Barack Hussein has reached that limit.  The public can swallow only so many lies, so much of blaming everyone else and so much corruption.  They’re now in over their heads.  Much like Obama.


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