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Democrat Dianne Feinstein Got “Cory Bookered” By The “White House”

 Democrat Feinstein Regards Comments After A White House “Come To Mohammad” Call

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Tuesday that she shouldn’t have speculated about the White House’s responsibility for national security leaks because she didn’t know the source of the unauthorized disclosures.

At a forum on Monday, Feinstein had said that the White House has to understand that the disclosure of classified information is coming from its ranks. She said she didn’t believe the president had leaked information.

Just hours … later, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., issued a statement offering her regrets about her observation while insisting that she was confident the president did not disclose classified information.”     Read more leftist lunacy:  here

Democrat Sen. Dianne (un)Feinstein spoke her mind (which as usual, didn’t take long) regarding the “leaks coming from the White House”.  These leaks have caused serious concerns for our national security.  But at the time, these “leaks” were portrayed by Democrats and the media (sorry for the redundancy) as ‘positive’ information regarding our oh so brave  leader, little pompous Barack “you didn’t do it yourself” Obama.

Only hours later after her doling out a few honest facts, her ‘come to mohammad’ quick response call, came from the “White House” (wink wink) and Dianne had a sudden and abrupt change of direct to Direct Left.  Feinstein was “Corry Bookered”.  Either follow Obama’s talking points or find yourself on Obama’s “enemy’s list”.

Feinstein saw the light.



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