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Little Entrepreneurs & Cool Blast Lemonade – Successful Without Obama

A pair of sisters who run a thriving lemonade stand in Texas beg to differ with President Obama’s message that entrepreneurs “didn’t get there on your own,” and several grownups who groom the next generation of small business owners say the kids are right.

Clara Sutton, 7, and little sister Eliza, 4, started CoolBlast Lemonade in their suburban Houston neighborhood, and quickly generated business brisk enough to bring on another employee, younger brother Eirik. Their father said the kids have gotten a business education right out in front of their home under the watchful eyes of their parents — but with no help from the government.
“Nobody helped them except us,” Andrew Sutton, 35, said. “They did it on their own.”   Read more: here

It’s refreshing to know we still have a thriving entrepreneurs spirit.  And of course, it’s in Texas!

But especially in light of all that Barack Obama has done to kill it and our economy, like the infanticidist he is.

These little girls had an idea and made it happen.

I hope the local  ‘anti lemonade stand Nazi’s don’t shows up at their down, eager to shut down them down if they don’t produce all the correct paperwork.  “YOUR PAPERS!!” . . .  or jail, isn’t something a 4 and 7 year old need to hear.


One comment on “Little Entrepreneurs & Cool Blast Lemonade – Successful Without Obama

  1. Renee Moore
    July 31, 2012

    Texas gals got it all going on, with no help from our Socialist president.


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