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Hyperventilating And Cholesterol

Late last week, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a 43 page expert panel report addressing ways to reduce risk from cardiovascular (heart) disease beginning with interventions in childhood. The panel report is based on a huge review of current medical evidence, yet the press focused mostly on 1 sentence from the thick report:

All children should be screened for high cholesterol (via a blood test) at age 9-11 years and then again between 17 -21 years of age.  here

Well, I’m not buying it and in all honesty, there are numerous recommendation opposing this newest ‘suggestion’ (here)

But what got me going was listening to a (liberal) woman, wringing her little hands and saying how parents “must” get their (my emphasis place on the word “their”) children out of the house and “playing outside!!”?  Oh really?

It’s these liberals who have railed against the dangers and evils of playground equipment, playing soccer, baseball, softball, football and a sundry of other child hood activities, like ‘cowboys and ‘injuns’ and cops’n robbers.  The list goes on . . . and on, but you get the idea.

So all I ask. . .  demand, is the liberals and their liberal ideas get out of the ‘suggestion’ business.  For their suggestions always come in the form of screams, protest and worst of all, government mandates like: no more swing sets, merry- go- rounds, playing of ‘Tag’ . . . to banning 32 oz. soft drinks and Happy Meals!

People, it AIN’T YOUR BUSINESS.  Make your families lives miserable and leave the rest of us alone.

It doesn’t even matter if we’re all stupid boobs who can’t tie our shoe strings.  God made Velcro and we’ll get by.  If we happen to choke ourselves ona  32 oz drink, or say possibly, sharing them among ourselves, it still AIN’T YOUR BUSINESS.

I would no more drag my 5 yr old grandson into the doctors office for cholesterol screening than I’d force my daughter to take him.  We read.  We watch the news, or what passes for the news, and we even go to the doctor office, as needed. Whereupon we can speak to said doctor and make an informed decision, which will end in “no, I don’t think so”.  Then we’ll go buy a 32 oz. drink.

These are kids.  Kids have parents, guardians or “two mommy’s” who can make independent decision.

But I don’t buy into childhood obesity epidemic scare.  These are the same people who warned us against apple contaminating preservatives in the 80’s which was proved false. These are the same people screaming about Saccharine, which was proved False.  These are the same people banning outside PLAY for children and yanking  Slushies out of their sticky fingers. They’re as ignorant and willing uninformed as they come.  Buying into Liberal propaganda doesn’t make anyone smart.

We’re heard your Warnings.  Now go back to the basement and concoct another problem we can ignore.


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