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Elton John: A Plea For “Love”, Money And Medicine – None Of Which Is A Cure

Singer Elton John said Monday the world needs more love in order to end the AIDS epidemic, which has killed some 30 million people around the world since it first emerged in the 1980s.

“We need more than money. We need more than medicine. We need love,” John told the International AIDS Conference . . . “What we need now is more love for the living,” he said, recounting his younger years as a troubled drug addict and a gay man struggling for acceptance, and lamenting the discrimination that continues in many parts of the world. here

From what I read as far back as the ’80’s, it seems that “love” was part of the cause of this sexually spread epidemic. Maybe more ‘thought’ on the topic, would go a lot farther in ending spread of the disease, than either love or acceptance of what causes it.

AIDS was first said, and widely said, to be the result of homosexuality sexual activity.  As that became unfashionable and certain repugnant to those driven by political correctness, it was all but dropped and replaced by ‘everyone gets it’.   But let’s be honest, not everyone did.  This disease was a direct result of those ‘everybody’s’ living in the immoral world gay sex.  These males were participants in ‘rabbit sex’ with other gay males nonparticipating in  rabbit sex – and it spread outwards.

But this idea that more money and more medicine is going to end the disease, is a fallacy.  Billions has been poured into the medial field.  We still have cancer after all these billions.  The truth is that we’ll always have disease and people will die from disease.  “Love” or compassion isn’t a cure and Elton John, more than likely, is speaking the politically correct game of ‘Don’t hate me because I’m gay’.

If he’s looking for ‘love for the living’, I’m sure that can be found in many outreach centers, fake, phony and the occasion reality based.  There are numerable Christian based organization reaching out with ‘love’ of the real kind. But that love calls for the sinner accepting his sinful state, seeking repentance and forgiveness from the Giver of forgiveness.  Turning from the sin is the 2nd step and I doubt that’s anything Elton John or his ‘husband’ will ever face.

It’s a real shame the homosexuality community has demanded, and received, acceptance in the ‘main stream’.  When what they really seek, would be much sooner be found in their shame and humility.  It’s a strong possibility that the main stream will not be eagerly waiting to give their acceptance to pedophiles and other previsions next, so they can continue to wave their flag of “Acceptance”, “Love” and “Non Judgements” all the way to the Judgement Seat.

Of course all sinners . . . perverts or criminals want “acceptance”.  How much easier on the soul is looking in the mirror and saying ‘what a good boy, am I” when your soul is screaming out, “help me!” – until it’s suffocated into silence.

I’m not being judgmental (a worse word than murder, to the Left.  After all, they accept murder . . .  millions of aborted humans aren’t offered any ‘love’).  I’m simply stating the facts.  We’re all sinners.  We all live in the world of our making.  When we turn our backs and souls on what’s right and good and ‘acceptable’, we open ourselves up to all that is wrong and bad and unacceptable.  The Liberals like to call that hate speech.  I call it love speech – the Truth is love to those seeking it.

Elton John, and all those like him, all those living in a reality they contrived for themselves, won’t ever find the ‘love’ they seek.  Not until they reach out to the Giver of Love.



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