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“Cybersecurity” The Democrat Way

In order to defend against a looming cyber 9/11, the federal government may soon hold talent contests to foster the cybersecurity skills of 9th graders, and hold cybersecurity summer camps for kindergartners.   The Cybersecurity Act of 2012, in addition to allowing the federal government to regulate the security standards of private infrastructure networks, contains within it provisions to develop the cybersecurity skills of America’s youth.

Section 403 of the bill calls for the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Commerce to establish cybersecurity talent competitions for students as young as the 9th grade, in order to identify and recruit for employment in the federal government.

“Our schools have a hard time teaching students math, but they want to teach them about ethical hacking,” a Republican Senate staffer told TheDC.   Read more liberal lunacy: here

Just when you think it’s safe to come out from under the bed, government does something so inanely stupid, you must crawl back under in self-defense.  Indeed, our failed (Democrat controlled) public schools, can’t even managed to make sure a 3rd grader isn’t promoted if he can’t even read ‘Billy Has Two Daddy’s’.  Seriously, is government going to start indoctrinating little ones in cybersecurity?  Is this to be headed by ‘America Has Two Mommy’s’ Janet ‘incompetent’ Napolitano?  Surely they jest?  What an obamanation.

But the real purpose of this Post is to display the perfectly photoshopped photo of the Cybersecurity Talent Competition Judges, so appointed by Obama and Napolitano.  Any ‘guesses’ as to who these folks are?  Not exactly American Idol material . . .  but maybe the USSR?



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