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U.S. Poverty Rates Sores To 50 Year High Under Barack Obama!

The ranks of America’s poor are on track to climb to levels unseen in nearly half a century, erasing gains from the war on poverty in the 1960s amid a weak economy and fraying government safety net.

The Associated Press surveyed more than a dozen economists, think tanks and academics, both nonpartisan and those with known liberal or conservative leanings, and found a broad consensus: The official poverty rate will rise from 15.1 percent in 2010, climbing as high as 15.7 percent. Several predicted a more modest gain, but even a 0.1 percentage point increase would put poverty at the highest level since 1965. here

This is almost unbelievable . . .  were it not for the fact that Democrats are running the country.

Obama is a Marxist, so this is precisely what he wanted…. forcing more people on Welfare, Food Stamps, WIC and unemployment.  More (foolish) people dependent on government.  He is our Food Stamp President.  These are his policies.  The policies of all Marxist, the policies of Saul Alinsky, the polices of Democrats, Liberals and Progressives and anti-Americans dictators around the world.

Sooner rather than later, OPM will run out.  All those with their cable TV and extra food stamp money to spend on booze, will be gone.  The government won’t have the money to supple for extras . . . much less daily requirement of food and shelter.  The country bankrupt and in depression.  When that happens, we must remember – it’s Obama’s polices.  Not Pres. Romney’s.


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