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Obama Warns His Supporters Not To Listen To Any Anti-BO Ads

Here is President “You Didn’t Build It On Your Own” Obama, informing his captive audience at a retirement community, to “hit the mute button” when any Ad comes on which  isn’t  Pro-BO.  Well, that’s certainly one way to get your message out . . . don’t listen to anyone else!  Facts are so messy, after all.

We must admit that little Barack is the President and being that he’s our first (radical) black President (which we can’t forget, less we’re labeled  ‘racist’) and that the economy is all Bush’s fault  . . . and he’s not responsible for any of his failed policies, why have our wee ears bombarded with reason to vote for Romney?  Clearly, Mr Transparency “Fast and Furious” Document Redactor, Food Stamp President, believes this would be confusing to our sociological senses.

I can’t imagine anymore of a “scary voice” that his repeated “aaaaad’s”, “umm’s”, “and and and . . . you knows” than Obama stutters out in this clip.  But I supposes it’s possible (although it should be suggest to Mr Arrogant that TOTUS needs an overhauling, or at the very least an oil change).

And just possibly, some lowly staffer should mention to dear Leader that picking at his ear, nose . . . or any protruding body part is, how shall I say . . .  crude?   And the ‘sucking the lip thing’ was already (over) used by Bill “Lewinsky” Clinton.  Just a few minor suggestions. After all, he’s not a Community Agitator any longer, but our beloved el Presidente.

Other than that, wow (yawn) what an informative, positive speech!



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