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Respect, Tollerance A One Way Street With Lesbian Ex-Boy Scout Leader

“Boy Scouts: Our ‘anti-gay’ policy stands
The Boy Scouts of America announced Tuesday that it will continue to enforce its policy of barring gay scouts and leaders after a confidential two-year review.

Smith said that the group unanimously agreed “that this policy is absolutely the best policy for the Boy Scouts.”  Full story: here

Jennifer Tyrrell, the den leader who was “fired” by her local Cub Scout troop for being gay, said that her 7-year-old son Cruz will not remain in the national organization because of its “discrimination” against gay leaders and scouts.  In March, the Boy Scouts of America removed Tyrrell from her position, telling her that her sexual orientation “did not meet the high standards” of conduct set by the Boy Scouts of America   here

Ms Tyrrell, as with all Liberals, demands the Boy Scouts change their bi-laws, beliefs and religious beliefs to accommodate her and her petty, personal grievances.  She demands “respect” and “tolerance” for her particular ‘diverse’ views.

But Ms Tyrrell allows no “respect” nor “tolerance” for the views held by the Boy Scouts of America.  Isn’t that what the ‘open-minded’, tolerate Liberals calls ‘bigotry’?

The Boy Scouts of America are a conservative, private organization which has been around for over 100 years.  They have all legal and Constitutional rights to their privately held views and beliefs, despite the angst and hatred which emanate from some of the homosexuals and lesbian community, who more often than not, have no “tolerance” for others views.  Ms Tyrrell has chosen to disparage this organization for their regulations and beliefs, which are in direct conflict with the homosexuals agenda.

But the Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts, have no obligation to cater to Leftist beliefs.

Hurray! for the Scouts for upholding what the foundation of the Scouting.  They have the right to teach respect for God, morals, ethics and principals as they choose to define them.  Unfortunately this is usually repugnant to Liberals and their myopic view followers.

Ms Tyrrell has brought a young child into her unethical, immoral attack against the Boy Scouts.  Being incapable of “tolerance”, “acceptance” and “diversity” of others views, she has chosen to attack the Boy Scouts and hopefully force them into submission of her will.  The Scouts resisted and come out victorious.

But shame on her.  Shame on all the ‘who- cares-‘ numbers- of- people- who- signed- her- whiny petition.  She’s welcome to start her own Homosexual Scouting Group, which would tout her own beliefs or lack thereof.  But she has no right to force her Leftist agenda on the rest of the Scout appreciating population.

It’s not “discrimination”.  It’s moral beliefs of a private organization, which is what’s referred to a ‘liberty’ and freedom of choice in America.  Her freedom is to go elsewhere.



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