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Thin Is Out! Krispy Kreme’s Are In!

A new study suggests that it may be far more dangerous to have your doctor assess you as “underweight” than it is to be diagnosed as “obese.”

Researchers at the University of California Davis School of Medicine said they surveyed 50,994 Americans aged 18 to 90 years old, over a period of six years, in an effort to examine the association between body mass index and mortality.  What they found was that based on the BMI system, being underweight was significantly associated with increased mortality risk, whereas being overweight was significantly associated with reduced mortality risk.   ”      here

Kiss a pig and call me hungry!  Let’s celebrate with some Krispy Kreme’s!  And tell Michelle Obama her buttocks are coming back in style!  And that she needs to set fire to that veggie garden she had a couple of her 20 ‘servants’ till and weed for her.

A bit of an exaggeration, but this is fuel for the pyre that we’re burning the Food Nazi’s on.

I don’t need Michelle Obama, who has no degree, real or contrived, as a Food Nutritionist.  Nor do I need the government Food Police or any busybody Liberal, telling me (nor anyone) else what we’re allowed to eat . . . or not eat.  All those transparently skinny Hollywood celebrities, under nourished models and skinny, elite snobs have a better chance of kicking the bucket before a normal sized American does.

Honestly, I didn’t need any study to tell me that.  It’s common sense.  Eating and consumption is common sense.  If you chose not to be bigger or heavier than you are, cut calories.  It works every time.  But we’ve allowed ourselves to become brainwashed to some extent, by unknown ‘studies’ done by unknown  persons or groups.  Always applauding or booing  these study, as if they’re handed down from upon high.  Studies most always done with a goal in mind by the . . .   and paid for by a liberal, looking for a way to force their agenda on the rest of us busily working, raising our family and minding our own business smucks.

Fact is, weight, or lack there of, won’t be extending nor shorting anyone life by very much.  More of that ‘common sense’ that’s become so rate.  There are many factors involved in life span, personal heredity, disease and the body just wearing out.

Liberals are welcome to take their intermeddler selves and tofu sticks to Starbucks for a cup of plain, overpriced coffee.  I’ll go to McDonald’s because that’s my choice.  We’ll both be happy.  Or as happy as a Liberal ever can be, when they’re not meddling and mandating their regulations on everyone else.


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