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The Desperation Of The Obama Sycophants… The Movie Trailer

Judging by the trailer, this is the long-and-short of the plot. Upon seeing Obama delivering his sweet promises of an American Candyland, John quits his white collar job and builds a shrine to the Obamamessiah in his house to the point where the inimitable Senator for Illinois has become the wall paper.  He pimps out his van with all the Obama slogans and tries to convince his undecided Hispanic neighbor to vote for Obama because he’s an awesome guy.  He pesters local hair salon patrons, urging the ladies to be on the right side of history (whatever that means) and finally, as The Blaze noted, finds meaning in his life.  Read more: here

Desperate indeed.  An over the top, desperate move for the Obama worshipers, to pay homage (and get votes) for the worst President the country’s ever seen.  But, he’s BLACK so little else matters . . .  at least to those who cask their votes based solely on Democrat skin tone.  Dissing white people has become a mandatory ideology under the tutelage of Barack Hussein Obama and his biased (un)Justice Department.

Watch the trailer.  Have a snicker . . . or Snicker along with your Diet Coke (not invented by the Koch brothers!).  This won’t be the last pro-, in- the- litter- box Obama movie that we’ll be suffocated with this year.  We still have the ‘Obama killed bin Laden!!’ manushia to sit through.


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