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Drop The Distored Rolling “R’s” Pleeeease. It’s America

Have you ever been watching a news cast where the reporter is speaking perfectly clear, well defined English, when your ears get zapped with rolling “R’s” and stretched out “z’s”…..”Ezzzzralolzz”?  If you live in any border states, I have no doubt you have.

The last decade has seen ‘Hispanic’ reporters, especially of the female persuasion, become the majority at local TV stations.  In the last 2 decades, we’ve had an increase of females period.  To the point I’ve wonder, ‘where have all the men gone?’

The zapping we hear in Texas and beyond,  is those female reporters, reading their little scripts in American English, when they come to a Hispanic name (these are usually criminals, suspects or victims.  Hey, it’s Texas.  That’s just the way it is). . .  at which point their tongues trip over themselves to roll those R’s and change “ll” into ‘yas’s.

Some are more ridiculous than others.

And it’s becoming more and more annoying.  Trust me, I’m not alone.  (here  and here)

These women are ‘defended’ by the station employees by saying, “they’re just being accurate with pronunciations”.  But, no, that is NOT the real reason.  The reason is clear – they want to make sure you know they’re Hispanic and have abiding love and respect for the motherland, wherever that is.  The ‘motherland’ not necessarily the place of their birth.

There are several ‘offenders’ in the Dallas, TX market.  One in particular and known to all who watch the station, is Cynthia (nice American name) Izaguirre.

I swear, when she says her last name, NO one can understands a word said.  She says something like “Cynthia “EE-za-gwayrrr-rrrl-r–rrd-l-ay.” At the speed of lightning.  I still wouldn’t know what her last name was, if I didn’t look it up.  It’s really quite funny. . .  but mostly, teeth grinding and yes, annoying.

Ms Iz is American and should have no trouble speaking English . . . even Texas English for that matter, being raised here.  Her name, pronounced in English is, “Is- ah- rah- garo”, much more soothing, much less harsh than the show Ms Iz puts on saying “EE-za-gwayrrr-rrrl-r–rrd-l-ay.”

Before anyone strokes out and calls me “RACIST!!”, I’m not (but you might be for the insinuation). I have family members who married into ‘Hispanic’ names.  These relatives don’t break their jawbone distorting and hyper-pronouncing their name so they sound like they just landed from Guadalajara.  And yes, they laugh at “EE-za-gwayrrr-rrrl-r–rrd-l-ay” as much as I do.  Laugh before saying, “bleep!, that’s annoying!”

Yeah, annoying.  The final word to our Latin/ Hispanic TV reporters.  Take your hyper- pronunciation to “Prat-ta Rrrrrrico” or “May-key-ko” but don’t use it in America. I’m pressing “1 for English” . . . or switching channels.

Watch the video.  You won’t believe it, if you don’t hear it.  It comes on around the 235 – 245 mark


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