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AG Holder Asked To Investigate SWATing

A month ago, 80 members of Congress called for the Justice Department to investigate SWATing in a letter sent directly to Attorney General Eric Holder. Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss was the first member of Congress to call for an investigation and now a month later, he is less than impressed with Holder’s response to the situation. He sent Holder another letter yesterday showing his disappointment in the non-action from the DOJ to address the issue.

“I remain extremely concerned about the danger SWAT-ting presents, and am worried about its use as a tool for silencing political speech,” Chambliss wrote Wednesday. “You and your department should be equally worried about these attempts at intimidation.”

“Instead of addressing the dangerous trend of SWAT-ting, Attorney General Holder and the Justice Department have chosen to continue their unresponsiveness to congressional inquiries,” he said.”   here

Let me start by defining  SWATing:  It’s what some on the Left do when they disagree with conservative bloggers. They call the police from a phone program pretending to be (insert conservative blogger here), say something horrific such as “I just shot my wife,” hang up and then laugh as a local SWAT team descends on the house o said Conservative blogger.  Much to his, or her, surprise… or would that be horror?       

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Hold, has a record.  His record is enforcing, and not enforcing, laws that support his (aka Obama’s) radical Leftist ideology.  Examples: after taking over the AG office, Holder threw out the already- won- but- not- closed case against the New Black Panthers (evidently, those silly white people shouldn’t be intimated with a couple of black men glaring at them with nightsticks.  They were probably racist.  He proceeded to ignore immigration laws, as Obama gave ‘backdoor amnesty’ to millions of illegals.  He started suing states which were attempting to protect themselves from illegal invasion and voter fraud.  Then there was that small matter of 200 Mexicans and 2 American Border Agents being murder with guns supplied by the Obama regime’s scheme called, “Fasts and Furious”.

Is there one reason we think Erick Holder would give a flying rip about Liberals ‘pranking’ …. setting up Conservative Bloggers for possible ‘death by cop’?

Both Obama and Holder, two fleas on the same radical political dog, have made their intentions quite clear:  don’t come to us if you expect justice.  Don’t come to us if you expect equality and “fairness” in distribution of legalities.   Obama’s, and therefore Holder’s, leftist ideology overrides all else.

Holder won’t be doing anything about SWATing.  The police might even take care of a few ‘problems’ for the Obama regime and make Obama’s reelection go more quietly.



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