“Exterminate Christians One Bullet At A Time” Displayed At Minnesota State Fair

This is what passes for political discourse, by some liberal at the Minnesota State Fair.  If you can’t read the first word under his nasty, filthy, stringy hair, it’s “Exterminate.”

How hospitable and welcoming to those around him with their children.

This was taken from radio talk show host, Mike Gallagher’s Face Book page.  I’ll assume the photo was taken at the fair — but wherever it was taken, this jerk proudly adorned a t-shirt stating he wants to see “Christians Exterminated”  How Hitleresk.  He probably supports Saving The Seals Too, to prove how ‘open minded’ and “tolerant” he is.

I’m sure he’d never have the chutzpah, nor desire, to wear a shirt claiming to  “Exterminate Radical Muslims One Bullet At A Time”.

This isn’t really shocking… there are plenty of people around, doing the work of the devil and have been for thousands of years.

And I’m sure Barack Obama will hold a news conference and demand “civility” and Eric “my people” Holder will initiate a law suite to defend  equality of fairness, or some such fool thing.  As soon as pigs fly.

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34 Responses to “Exterminate Christians One Bullet At A Time” Displayed At Minnesota State Fair

  1. Styles Loophole says:

    Nice pants. Any way if I thought it would help people it could cause people to acknowledge the infathomable depth of their sin, the complete holiness of G_D and understand and accept the finished work of Messiah on the tree of Calvary, I would gladly accept the first of this condemned man’s bullets. “Turn or burn”! There has never been another choice.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As much as I abhor the message on his shirt, Jesus died for him too and I’ll pray he sees his need for a Savior and repents. The apostle Paul held the cloaks of those who stoned Stephen, the first martyr, and probably was involved in the deaths of other Christians as well before his conversion

  3. Jack Hudson says:

    That dude is obviously a xxx and he is just really xxx about it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shirt from a local twin cites death metal band. Relax, it’s being worn to shock and get a reaction. There are far worse shirts out there that I have seen at shows.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He should have the right to wear the shirt as long as Christians have the right to beat the crap out of him.

    • Anonymous says:

      The thing is, if that shirt said “Muslims” instead of “Christians”, people would be all over that saying how racist that is. But for some reason, it has become part of the cultural norm to slander Christians.

  6. Kevin G says:

    It would take a while before anyone would know was wrong with him.
    Would he be missed ? No need to waste a bullet to bring these bold haters down.
    After a dozen or so attacks to those still stupid enough to wearing these tees are found on the ground, I think these tee shirts would not sell well.
    Yes I agree that these cheap maggots don’t have the nerve to change the word Christian to Muslim. The news media would have a hoot and demonstrations would pursue.
    Live and let live isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

  7. Kevin G says:

    OH BTW whats pinned to his back side says …. Vote No which you can text vote your choice on this amendment bill to the ID number listed. This is just a number game for them to know before the actual election. This amendment is coming up for vote their in Minnesota.
    It’s for equality for LGBT people. A No vote actually promotes the bill to pass for the right to marry and have the same rights as traditional marriage.
    So this guy wants no limits on who can marry who with the equal rights that come with it.
    His anti Christian tee shirt he is wearing has a lot more meaning then some Rock Band.
    Christians are against this bill because of their believes in traditional marriage.
    One has to understand when these bills are passed in states to promote and legalize same sex marriage, some schools then start teaching children as early as second grade in sex education saying there is nothing wrong if two men or women want to marry and love each other.
    As we with brains all know this is just another way to indoctrinate our children in our liberal controlled school system to brain wash them what to believe.
    So you can see this guy and his intentions are violent in nature as most radical liberals groups tend to be against those who don’t agree with them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Demonicon | Metal from Saint Paul, MN
    Music, lyrics, videos, concert schedule, and more at ReverbNation.

  9. Anti-______ says:

    I find it funny that you get offended by this shirt when your “christian” beliefs call for hate, bigotry, and violence against those who appose you. On the bottom of this page it reads “I’m the god fearing, gun toting, flag waiving, conservative that the liberals warned you about”. Well, I’m the “god” hating, ax wielding, gun carrying, sociopath your church warned YOU about. Here’s hoping we meet on the street someday.

    • If you had bothered to actually read what I said, instead of making it up, you would have known I wasn’t “offended”. Nor did I call for “hate, bigotry or violence” toward anyone.

      You can hate “god” all you want but at the same time, if you’re part of the Liberal “tolerance” crowd, you have to admit you have no tolerance for others beliefs — which is the point of this Topic.

      Christians don’t need to “warm” others about people like you nor do they. We’re well aware of the hate, bigotry, anti- god, ant- good, “sociopaths” who’ve been wandering the earth for thousands of years – I usually refer to them as the ‘lost souls’. If we meet I will give you God’s blessings, some encouraging, hope filled reading material as well as pray for you.

      • Anti-______ says:

        OK, 1. If you weren’t offended by the shirt you wouldn’t have made a post about it. 2. The “hate bigotry and violence” was targeted at your other posters (at least one of whom has changed/edited his post). 3. I don’t hate God, I hate YOUR “god”. Somehow your god states its OK to post the kind of hate I have read here today.

        You “Christians” have lost your moral compass. Its not YOUR job to judge. SO STOP DOING IT!!!!!

        PS, proof read,I didn’t “warm” anybody.

      • Pazure says:

        Christians, we are told, are allowed to “hate” the beliefs of others (and promise these others a one way ticket to hell) and they should be freely allowed to exercise this “belief” without others commenting on or negatively reacting to it. This belief should not be confused with intolerance. It’s a belief. Belief is a nice part of a nice system that loves ALL (except large numbers of groups) (cue angelic music).

        Intolerance is something only the other side does. And they do it when reacting to the intolerance, I mean “beliefs” of christians. What’s wrong with these people? Why don’t they respect the beliefs of Christians to “hate” them for their completely innocuous actions? And why don’t they take these “beliefs” kneeling down, in a submissive, “thank you sir, may I have another” manner? How intolerant of them to not fawningly accept the hatred of Christians!

        And what does the “other side” do that so offends the “beliefs” of “good” christians? They want to commit to loving another person — the same person — for the rest of their lives. How Horrendous!!! How un-christian…I mean, how…christian, but not the kind of christian, christians are.

        Ahh Christians….they make so much sense!

        • Only a biased, liberal mind will distort “truth” as ‘hate speech’ or intolerance, when it’s simply the truth. The only “hate” I’ve seen comes from those with NO tolerance for others beliefs, either in politics are views of God and the Bible. Hope you find your way before it’s too late, but in any case, you appear to be satisfied with your choice.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yes, because the Crusades never happened, and christians didn’t spend centuries covered in the blood of whoever disagreed with them. I love how the fellow suggesting killing this person with an ice pick then mentioned having a ‘live and let live’ attitude. I’m glad conservatives have completely forgotten how horrified they were that President Kennedy was a catholic. There was a time when conservative meant you wanted all religion as far away from government as possible. Amnesia seems to be a problem in or current political discourse. This is one big fun ball of hypocrisy, that will hopefully bring this talented band more attention. I have to live in a world where there are gaudy tax free monoliths to some invisible jackass in the sky on every three blocks, and you want to complain about someone wearing a shirt that offends your sensitive eyes. Ignorance offends the crap out of me, so does not having a plural outlook on society.

    • Anti-______ says:

      I could have put something this intelligent up here but going for the shock was a lot more fun. Very well stated on your part. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I dont think “Love thy neighbor” goes well with putting an ice pick in this mans head, or “Thou shalt not kill.” Bravo internet tough guy. 0/10 Try again!

  12. Kevin G says:

    Just letting those out there who will bend over to those who continue to accept disrespect to one group of people.The majority of you enjoy the celebration of Christmas which might involve displaying a Christmas tree with a Nativity of Jesus.
    This has never been an issue in our history until the PC movement took over.
    it only takes a small minority who finds that offensive and it no longer allowed on any public property even if it was a part of that city or community for decades.
    PC lawyers are now the new Nazis. My rights and others are being dismantled one piece at a time. The more we allow these tassel toed shoe pricks to think they are the new god then,remember there is always a point of no return.
    The PC world pukes are the problem. They think they have an monopoly on human control.
    Our rights have been dwindled away so we don’t offend anyone no matter how small of the objectors. When those who push the envelope more and more to control and change our culture to what they believe is superior, then one has to watch the incremental ways they induce this change on us.This bold tee shirt guy wants someone to question his taste and opinion?
    He dares those around him because he has the law on his side along with the lawyers.
    We become so sick of seeing these types and wonder where it will end.
    Tough, if I offend someone is our new culture of mantle rights.
    The ice pick talk was just a thought and there is no chance in hell this guy would ever imagine there are those who find him so repulsive to think this.
    The idea is to make those who flaunt this kind of behavior in disregarding what someone else’s believes. be aware there maybe consequences.
    If I saw this guy I would stop and ask him what are his true intentions. Apparently we will never know if someone had the guts to do this.

    • “The PC world pukes are the problem. They think they have an monopoly on human control”
      When you consider the agenda and goal to these radical, anti- God Liberals, you can understand that they’re the new American communist. Most don’t have the courage, or knowledge, to admit who and what they are and what they represent (the devils agenda) but that’s what they are. Intolerant, bigoted minded people who live on hating what’s right, good, moral, ethical and correct.
      They and their agenda is corrupt, Marxist and sickening — but they also represent the new (Socialist) Democrat Party headed by Obama, Reid and Pelosi.

      • Anti-______ says:

        @ Kevin G. I’m gonna spare you the history of X-mas because you wouldn’t believe it anyway. HOWEVER….There are other religions that celebrate events around the same time. That’s why its called the HOLIDAY season. You’re an idiot and I hope you don’t breed.

        @RP, Take your fucking religion out of my fucking government. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE!!! Read up on it some time.

  13. matty d says:

    awesome *****. i want it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    at least he didnt dress his kids up and p picket signs in their hands, with just as HATEFUL and HITLERESK sentiments written on them–by adults!! he is an adult with free speech, press and expression. but you righties only want The Constitutional Rights brought up when its the #### whining about Barack FORCING them to have health insurance for their KIDS!! HYPOCRITES

    • And yet you deny it was Hitleresk — which it is. Free speech has consequences… and when these types of incendiary remarks are made by Conservatives, they’re automatically gagged as “hate speech”, not free speech.
      Sorry you’re not better informed, but you appear not to be. The CONSTITUTION is the Law of the Land and no president nor congress has the right to abuse it. If you want to call Constitutional conservatives “hypocrites” you best look in the mirror before doing so.

      I will also deleted your profanity of the worse sort. Please don’t use that again or your comment will have to be removed.

  15. Trynt says:

    The bible and Koran are the most violent text I’ve read. They (Muslims and Christians) have been exterminating any opposition (or unbelievers) for centuries so I’m not entirely sure why there’s an issue here. May not be your direct fellowship of Christians but, with some of the posts I’ve read, they are ready to exterminate “those who are doing the devils work.” I’ve been told numerous times that I was going to burn in hell for not repenting my sins; burning in an everlasting lake of fire vs. extermination? I highly doubt that the band has any lack of “audacity” to mention Muslims in the suggestions for “extermination;” rather, Christianity is more intimate in the US and to most Americans, making it a more common placed religion.

    Sure, everyone is entitled to their opinions; his shirt offends you and I am sure you calling his hair, “nasty, filthy, stringy…” and calling him a jerk would be considered equally as “hospitable.” Almost everyone that has responded has affirmed my issues with religion (not just Christianity). They complain about the wrongs in this world but are usually bound to repeat the same wrong-doings. We are humans; I understand to “to err is human” but we also live in a free country; if he wanted to have “I hate the Girl scouts” on this shirt, this is the right that I’ve fought for and our fathers have fought for.

    Religion really poisons everything; it instills an indifference of “us vs. unbelievers” in young minds. Now, I believe this could translate into other issues such as inequality stances with race, social status, etc… in the minds of the youth. All they know is that adults are going around saying that it’s ok to hate the “evil” people and to stay away from them, or convert them. Anyways, rant…back on topic.

    @ Kevin G.
    You speak of “dismantled rights” but you do realize that you are suggesting the dismantlization(not even sure if that’s a word) of someone else’s rights when you say, “The idea is to make those who flaunt this kind of behavior in disregarding what someone else’s believes. be aware there maybe consequences.” Regardless of being against the constitution, I have a feeling that that comment would be considered “unchristian” of you; however, if the lake of fire does exist, then I guess there will be “consequences” for him but unfortunately for you, you will have nothing to do with his punishment. Until you get promoted to god mode, I’d ease up on the threats.

    As far as the PC issue and Christianity in politics, people in all walks of life seem to ruin things for everyone. I’d venture to say that Christianity, with the Ten Commandments primarily, set a pretty basic and fundamentally sound set of rules that all could agree to abide by. Unfortunately, that’s not where it would stop. If it’s not the “devils agenda” by some, it would be “someone else’s god” for others; which, in its own right, is essentially the same…would be a matter of which side of the field you were standing on.

    Exterminating Christians vs. exterminating the two sodomite cities. Explain the difference? Or the Crusades? I get it, you’re a Christian and he clearly isn’t. Get over it. Does it hinder your walk with Christ? If it does, you have some work to do. Petty name calling and physical threats over a T-shirt is 100% ridiculous, regardless of what it says. Ok, it offends you; smoking offends me but I am not going to stab people with an ice pick. I only get violent over two things: you physically threaten me or 2. you physically threaten my loved ones. And remember kids, when is it ok to stab someone? Only when you’re in prison or defending one of the two above from physical harm.

    I’ll leave you all with this,

    Take care now, bye bye then.
    “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

    • Trynt says:

      “I only get violent over two things: you physically threaten me or 2. you physically threaten my loved ones.”

      I can see how people would consider this T-shirt a physical threat but I imagine that the T-shirt is more a euphemism to rid the world of Christianity. Yeah, you’d have to kill them but again, Christians are guilty of the same ideologies.

      Point being, unless someone is PHYSICALLY attacking you/family, you have no business threatening people.

      Oh yeah, if you actually read my post, then hats off to you…rather long winded, I’d say.

  16. Brian H says:

    Obama is not a “socialist”? That term is incorrect, he is actually a fascist. So is Romney and most of the politicians out there, bought and sold to the highest corporate bidder. As far as the photo is concerned, this wouldn’t have even seen the light of day if it hadn’t been for the “vote no” sign stuck in his belt. By the way, I’m the one who brought it to the attention of the local metal scene here in Mpls. We will not stand for people who judge one of our own solely on the basis of a photograph. He wore the shirt to get a reaction, and he did, more of a reaction than he ever thought possible. Why is it so important that our government dictates that only a man and woman can be married? In my view banning a certain demographic of people from certain rights that others freely have is pure hatred, plain and simple. Do you really want to be on this side of history when it is written?

  17. anonymousss says:

    Hitleresk? Wasn’t he a Christian? Maybe it’s atrocities like that comitted by “christians” all over the course of history that would lead people to make/wear a shirt like this? Just saying…

    • What a shame you don’t know what you’re talking about are simply lying, but in any case, the word “hitleresk” is very appropriate.
      O m g, you’re still reading liberal website or choose to be ignorant… no, little Adolph wasnt’t a ‘CHRISTIAN’. Peddle your silly talk elsewhere.

  18. satanspath says:

    Religion is for sheep… Continue to follow ur delusions of grandeur… With people like this, there is no hope for the human race…

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